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What I'm Recommending that my Montessori Students Get for Christmas (Ages 2 to 4)

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Parents at my Montessori school often ask for gift recommendations. Here's what's been a hit at my house and in my classroom in 2020.

1. Lantern/flashlight with Hand Crank for Charging- Kids love flashlights. The option to switch between flashlight and lantern seems almost empowering to my daughter. A hand crank that charges the device adds entertainment for those who like wheels and gears. This one also also has a solar panel and the ability to charge a phone. The future is here!

2. Melissa and Doug Playdough Tools- My students love using tools with playdough, and its great for their fine motor development. This is actually two sets in one, but the rolling pins and the scissors are both a must for me. Don't cheap out and get a plastic set; its just not as satisfying. P.S. I used to make my own playdough, but I've found its easier to stock up at Dollar Tree.

3. Necklace Making Kit- My students are little necklace making machines. Boys and girls alike enjoy the fine motor challenge of stringing beads and the satisfaction of making something they can wear. My four-year-old daughter is getting this exact kit this year. We usually use basic round beads in the classroom, so I know she's going to flip over these! For two- and three-year-olds, opt for beads with bigger holes.

4. Safari TOOBS- Maria Montessori said children from birth to age six have an absorbent mind. They certainly love learning the names of different types of things which might be one reason they like Safari TOOBS. These true-to-life figurines come in sets like dog breeds and types of butterflies. My students enjoy building block houses for them and carrying them around in containers. Print the corresponding matching cards to help learn the real names.

5. Magna-Tiles- If you haven't played with magna-tiles yet, you are missing out! I try to avoid plastic, but these are a necessary exception. They're expensive but worth it. They're not only years of entertainment, they're a great introduction to how flat shapes combine to make geometric solids. Maria Montessori wishes she invented these!

6. Crayola Twistable Crayons- I'll never buy another type of crayon. These are skinnier than a normal crayon which is better for developing the right handwriting grip and better for precise coloring. The won't dry out like markers. They don't require sharpening like colored pencils. Best of all, they don't break like other crayons, so they last and last!

7. Melissa and Doug 4-in-1 Puzzle Box- This set of four 12-piece wooden puzzles is great. We have the construction edition in my classroom, and its just the right level for my three-year-olds. Its nice that they're wood because jigsaw beginners tend to damage cardboard pieces. Be sure to give them just one puzzle at a time to start. These come in farm animals, pet, safari animals, vehicles, and "fanciful friends,"

8. Nonfiction Books with Photographs of Animals- Books like this might be a slog to read cover to cover during story time, but they're perfect for kids to "read" on their own. Little kids can't get enough animals.

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