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Portfolio Project
The Assignment: Create an ordering app for a Mexican restaurant. 

I am completing a Google UX Design Professional Certificate. The steps taken to create the portfolio project are shared here.

Scope of the Work

  • Conducted User Interviews

  • Invented User Personas

  • Designed User Persona Cards

  • Illustrated avatars

  • Wrote user stories

  • Created user journey maps

Step One: Conduct Interviews

I first conducted user interviews to get more perspectives on people's goals and pain points when ordering food for take-out or delivery. Here's a sample from Ryan's interview. The first voice you will hear is mine.

Ryan UX interview
00:00 / 00:47
Step Two: Create User Personas

From the interviews, I created sample personas that represent different types of typical users of food ordering apps. ​

Personas for Mexican Food Ordering App- Google UX Design Assignment (1).jpg
Personas for Mexican Food Ordering App- Google UX Design Assignment.jpg
Step Three: Write User Stories

Next, in order to prioritize my design goals while ensuring an empathetic perspective, I distilled the user personas into user stories (scenarios or user cases). 

Hungry TJ

As a young person ordering for a group, I want to have each person in my group place their own order in the cart so that I know their orders will be exactly what they wanted without me being a go-between.

Discerning Abby

As a food enthusiast, I want to navigate the entire menu with ease so that I know I have seen all the choices and found the best thing on the menu.

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